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A New Gateway To Smokeless Smoking: IGET Legend

Smoking is a habit that millions of people around the world have invested in. It’s an addiction that has taken over our lives, and it’s something we just can’t seem to break. Smokeless smoking may be a new gateway to quitting smoking, but it’s one that you should definitely consider. In this blog post, we will explore what IGET Legend is and how it can help you quit smoking.

IGET Legend vape: A Gateway To Smokeless Smoking

The IGET Legend vape is a new way to smoke without using tobacco. The device uses a water vaporizer to heat the nicotine-free liquid nicotine, producing a vapors that smokers inhale. This system has been designed to give smokers an alternative to traditional smoking methods, and is said to be less harmful than smoking tobacco.

IGET Legend is available in three flavors: mint, menthol, and tobacco. The device comes with two cartridges containing nicotine liquids in different ratios: 36 mg of nicotine for each cartridge. Each cartridge lasts for about one hour of use.

IGET Legend was invented by Eric Sheffer and Tom Gebhardt. They are the creators of the IGET Legend vaporizer and the IGET eLiquid line of products. Sheffer and Gebhardt have been working on this product for over two years, and it has been in development since 2013.

What is IGET?

The IGET (Innovative Gateway to Smokeless Smoking) product line is a new way to help smokers transition from traditional smoking to smokeless tobacco. This system offers an alternative way for people who want to reduce or stop smoking, without having to give up their favorite nicotine fix.

IGET products are made with top quality ingredients and are offered in three flavors – original, menthol, and mint. The devices use a patented vaporization technology that produces a smooth, clean smoke free of the harshness and tar of traditional cigarettes.

IGET has been designed as an affordable way for people of all ages to reduce their risk of health problems associated with smoking, such as cancer and heart disease. The products are also great for people who want an easy way to transition away from smoking tobacco altogether.

How many IGET Legend flavours are available?

There are currently six IGET Legend flavours available: menthol, tobacco, mint chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla. Additional flavours are planned for release in the future.

The cartridges of the IGET Legend device come in different nicotine levels (0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg) to accommodate different users' needs. The device also has a feature that allows users to set a longer smoking time if they want to take their time vaping instead of smoking.

IGET Legend is an excellent way to transition from traditional cigarettes to smokeless vaping. The devices are easy to use and come with a wide variety of flavours to choose from.

Is using a disposable vape safe?

The popularity of disposable e-cigarettes has made them a gateway to smokeless smoking for many people. While there is no evidence that using disposable e-cigarettes is riskier than traditional cigarettes, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks.

First, it’s important to know that disposable e-cigarettes are not regulated as strictly as traditional cigarettes. This means there is a greater chance that they contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Second, there is a lack of knowledge about how to use them safely. Third, they are easy to borrow and share, which can lead to accidental exposure to nicotine and other toxins. Finally, the refillable design of these devices means that users can easily build their own vaping device with ingredients that are not safe for regular smoking.


IGET Legend vape is a new gateway to smokeless smoking that uses nicotine salt e-cigarettes. The company's mission is to help people transition from traditional cigarettes to less harmful alternatives, and it seems like they're on track to do just that. IGET Legend offers an extensive selection of flavors, including some with no nicotine whatsoever, so you can find the one that's right for you. Additionally, IGET Legend offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure you're getting the best possible product.



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