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Nuvoton Communications Port Driver Windows 7 tailfeid




Could not load the driver service for the Microsoft driver model. This can be caused by a corrupted driver or a missing driver. To fix this problem, insert the Windows installation disc and select repair your computer. This will automatically install the appropriate device drivers for the NVIDIA graphics card. All other NVIDIA GPU drivers will be reinstalled. My Windows has failed to start. Instead, it has a "blue screen" error screen that it won't display after it boots up. I tried booting up in safe mode with command prompt and running a virus scan. I removed the virus that was found and my computer could now boot up normally. I also tried running the Windows System Recovery Check and repair tool and it couldn't find anything that was out of order. The shutdown procedure has completed. The system returned: When you first turn on your system, the Windows welcome screen should be displayed, and after you have selected an operating system from the menu, the Operating System screen will display. On the Windows XP screen, click Next. If this screen is not displayed, restart your computer. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. If the instructions don’t help, contact your product’s technical support. In the Device Manager dialog box, click Display Adapters. If you see the NVIDIA display adapter listed in the list, click the Properties button. If the adapter is not listed, you don’t need to perform this step. If your display adapter is listed, click the Driver tab. You can see that the current driver installed for the adapter is not correct. Click the Uninstall button. This should uninstall the current driver and reinstall the correct driver. (The correct driver can be found on the disc you received with your product.) After you have updated the driver, click Apply, and then click OK. Click OK in the Device Manager dialog box. Use Windows Update to check for new updates. Click Start > Search, type Control Panel, and then click Control Panel in the results. Under System and Security, click System. Under Hardware and Sound, click Sound. In the Sounds list, under Devices and Printers, click Speakers. In the Properties dialog box, click the Sounds tab. Click OK, and then click OK again. On the Start screen, press the keyboard key for the command prompt. If you are using Windows XP



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Nuvoton Communications Port Driver Windows 7 tailfeid

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